Nadia Michel

Elon's head is a little inflated these days but it's nice to see someone challenging the market and governments with innovative and progressive ideas. If anyone can push the US government to bring CO2 emissions down and improve the country's sustainability in any significant way, it's him. In that sense, your 'troll' is also the ultimate influencer.

Palestinian artist Sarah Bahbah became her own muse in her latest photo series ‘3Eib!’. She promoted her work on her Instagram account which had almost 1M followers, but it has now mysteriously disappeared.

The Insta-famous artist who turned vulnerability into her biggest asset has suddenly vanished from social media.

Sarah Bahbah is an L.A.-based artist. She talks about her Palestinian roots and how they’ve shaped her on Episode 70 of The Men’s Room podcast.

In a world plagued with a pandemic and economic…

Chapter from ‘The Men’s Room: 50 Lessons From The Arab Renaissance’

Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining traction across the Middle East. Kiklabb, a Dubai government licensing entity that issues trade licenses as well as visas, is now accepting Bitcoin for payments.

In August 2020, Dubai-based Talal Tabbaa came on my podcast to explain cryptocurrency in a way that the average person could understand. His mission was to clarify the concept of digital currency and the meaning of mysterious words like…

One mushroom cloud, at least 157 people dead, thousands injured and 300,000 people left homeless. The capital of Lebanon has been to hell and back yet still stands tall. Here are the great things few outsiders know about.

1. The food (sigh). From home-cooked stews to the satisfying salads at…

Nadia Michel

Writer, journalist and host of Hakawati’s The Men’s Room podcast in the Middle East. Covering business and culture from a global perspective.

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